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  • Wet Bench Product Image

    Wet Bench Call for Enquiry!

    We are system integrator and collaborate with local SME to fabricate low cost wet bench to meet specific customer needs.

    We represent Korean company PRIME in this region for high end cleanroom wet bench and chemical mixing unit.

  • Wafer Drying System Product Image

    Wafer Drying System Call for Enquiry!

    We represent Korean company APET in Malaysia for wafer drying system.

    APET employs unique drying method that leaves no water marks on wafers or substracts.

  • Quartzware Product Image

    Quartzware Call for Enquiry!

    We represent Korean company PRIME in this region.

    PRIME can do customisation based on drawing or sample.

    PRIME also specialised in fine telfon coating on quartz ware to protect quartz from corrosive chemical.

  • Heating Jacket Product Image

    Heating Jacket

    We represent Taiwan company Thermotecch in this region.

    Its unique KM-EL cloth Heating Jackets compose of Heating element, thermostat, thermocouple, high temperature fabrics, and Insulation blanket (as an integral part by sewing) prevent heat lose and ensure uniform heat distribution.

  • Others Product Image

    Others Call for Enquiry!

    We are reseller for portable and reliable megasonic meter.

    It is available in both analog and digital types.